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Hiking Trip of the Michinoku Coastal Trail
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Superb Hiking Route
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Uniqueness of the Michinoku Hikers’ Tours

Michinoku Hikers offers safe and enjoyable hiking tours.

Uniqueness of the Michinoku Hikers’ Tours

Michinoku Hikers offers safe and enjoyable hiking tours.

1. Selected Scenic Hike Routes

We have selected the best hiking routes from the over 1000km of the Michinoku Coastal Trail.

Enjoy seasonal flowers, migratory birds, and seasonal cuisine.

2. Perfect Two-people Guide System

With a local guide, you can deepen your understanding of the nature, culture, history, and state of the earthquake disaster of the land.

Toshi backs up itinerary and safety management.

3. Same-day Luggage Delivery

Unnecessary luggage for hiking will be delivered to the next inn on the same day after check-out.

You can fully enjoy trail hiking with only a light rucksack on your back.

4. Distinctive Food and Lodging

On the north tour, you will enjoy the French restaurant “L’Oréal Tanohata” standing on the cliff, and “Bin-don”, a unique sushi packed in a glass bottle.  On the south tour, you’ll enjoy delicious pizza and sushi in Shiogama.

We carefully chose an inn with a view of the sea and a large bath.

TOURS 5 Days

TOURS 5 Days

Sale Ended!

Northern Sanriku Coast 5-day Hiking Tour

Saturday, June 3rd –
Wednesday, June 7th

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Sale Ended!

5-day Tour to Visit Islands, Village, and History of Miyagi

Saturday, October 7th –
Wednesday, October 11th.

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MCT Itinerary Planning & Accommodation Reservations

Let Michinoku Hikers help you plan your MCT hike!
We develop an individualized hiking itinerary according to your needs. 
We can also suggest suitable accommodations and make reservations for you.

Please check our Travel Support Pricing List below!



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